Telephone Answering Services for
Medical Professionals

High quality reception and telephone answering services for doctor's offices, dental practices, alternative medicine clinics, psychiatric practitioners, and any other medical practice that needs discretion, professionalism, and extra care.

Our Customer Service Agents Will Add Value to Your Medical Practice

Enjoy a quick overview of how our medical telephone answering services can benefit you, your team, and your patients. We make the entire telephone service experience flow smoothly through seamless integration, friendly employees, and full professionalism.

Telephone Answering Challenges Our Medical Clients Face and the Service Solutions We Provide

Many calls come in at once and my existing staff can't handle all of them.

We specialize in after-hours and overflow service, which means when you can't answer a call, it comes to us. This guarantees every caller reaches a live agent right away - any time of day.

Your reception team can go on a lunch break without worrying. They don't have to deal with juggling calls. And your callers will always appreciate the care they receive over the phone.

We deal with too much sensitive information to use a third party.

We are compliant with all FOIP requirements. We have decades of experience working with health care related organizations.

Imagine hiring an entire team of experienced medical reception staff, having them available 24/7, and it costing less than 10% of the minimum wage for one person. Sounds good, eh?

We need to prioritize certain calls over others.

We have a number of strategies for prioritizing calls. We will create a detailed plan of action around every possible situation. We are experts at screening calls, and we can make sure that every call that comes in is treated according to its urgency and your wishes.

We fully adapt to your system and way of doing things. Because of our experience in adapting, we take very little time on the learning curve, making the whole process easy and fast.

My clinic is not large enough to justify this.

Our pricing is designed for businesses that are looking to scale up or down. Our pricing is structured so you only pay for what you use. We have a team that can handle hundreds of calls an hour, or a single call a day.

Working with Select means you have less administrative headaches, less monetary commitment, and more flexibility. No matter the size of your business, we bring value.

Client Testimonials

Medical Services
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Really great to have as back up at my receptionist job. The team is very receptive to work with and I appreciate all their help!
Home Inspector
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They have excellent service.
Elva Ward
Read More
"We use Select for our business, they have been accurate and professional and we are happy with the service."
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I am EXTREMELY happy with the service! I was very impressed with the transition from my old TAS. The level of customer service is way better than my last provider.
Security Company
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"It is so great having you guys watch this! I really appreciate it."
Industrial Company
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These (account) instructions are perfect and I appreciate the clarity. Thanks always for your quick responses and all the work you do for us.
Client's Customer
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Can I just say, I speak to a lot of customer service reps, and YOU are phenomenal! I just want you to know that.
Property Management
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Our whole team apprecitaes the changes you've made to clarify urgent and non-urgent issues. They've been telling me they are getting way more sleep, and they've been very verbal about this to our management.
Property Management
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It has been great having you back me up! I can now enjoy dinner with a friend without having to pick up my phone.
IT Services
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We are exceptionally happy with the service we are getting from Select. The operators sound helpful, energetic, and my customers are always happy with the service they receive.
Property Management
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Everything you do is awesome! I love the quick responses I get from Danielle when I need to change something, or have something that needs looking into.
Property Management
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I just ran an emergency test on the line and it went perfect. Thanks. Now I can go on my vacation!
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I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Danielle. They are both super responsive, very considerate, and easy to deal with. I know how tricky our requirements are and they've dealt with them with grace.

Medical Practice - Call Centre Integration Case Study

Motivation for Improving Communication

A general practice clinic was looking to reduce the voicemails her team was faced with every morning. Her customers were commenting about not being able to get in contact with the office. The clinic also had hectic “rush hours” where multiple calls would come in at the same time, and it was often during the lunch hour when her team were on a break and eating lunch. Despite a thriving practice, she felt these problems needed to be addressed.

Reaching Out

During the initial call to Select, her needs were shared along with information about the expected call volume, the types of calls that would be coming in, and the type of information she collects from callers. A proposal with several options for service was sent out following the call. The following day, after a consult with her internal team, they chose their service package and discussed what kinds of improvements the team would like to see.

Integrating the Answering Service

The next day, the finer details were explored over a 30-minute call. The software system that was being used by the practice was being used by another client of ours, so the technical integration and training was quick and seamless. Within 5 business days, her new medical telephone answering services account was live. 

A Better Way of Communicating

Within days, the staff began commenting about how much better the work day was going without playing catch up as soon as they came through the door. The booking system was filling up more than expected, as the callers that were not leaving voicemail before began booking appointments with our team. Overall, the result was extremely positive for this clients as we were able to reduce workplace stress and increase the revenue of her practice.

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