Luxury and Travel Industry Telephone Answering Service

Providing luxury to your customers requires excellent customer service, from start to finish. We're here to help you deliver world-class front-end phone service to all your prospective clients.

We Add Value to Your Luxury Services Business

Watch this brief video for an overview of how we can help your luxury services business reach new levels of customer service, and give you the opportunity to scale up, or just enjoy life a little more.

Telephone Answering Challenges in the Luxury Service Industry and the Solutions We Provide

If I am out on a tour, I can't be answering my phone, so I'm losing business.

In tourism, you can never know when a call is going to come in. The customers calling in could be in any range of time zones. Being able to answer their calls immediately and professionally can be the difference between a sustained business and a thriving business.

Our service allows you to be available for your callers and current customers, while still maintaining a work-life balance.

A large amount of my clients are retired and don't often use computers.

Having online registries and portals is great, but when your customer has trouble using that platform (or can't even find it), then you need a telephone solution in place. We have a team that always leaves a good impression on the callers.

Always be available for every demographic. With us answering your calls, your reputation for great service will grow, and your customers (of any age demographic) will be pleased.

There are a number of competitors in my area. If I don't answer, they will.

We are focused on one-call resolutions. If someone calls in for information about a trip, we have all the information they need to make that buying decision then and there. Not only do we answer live in seconds, we also convert your callers to customers on the first call.

You're competing on customer service, and we are global leaders in phone service.

My customers expect a first class service experience. It's challenging to deliver.

Like no other industry, luxury services require excellent customer service. Being great at delivering tours or providing your services is very important, but if they aren't booking, what good is it? We provide that strong front end customer service support so you can focus on delivering a great service.

Our world-class customer service can be your world-class customer service almost overnight.

Client Testimonials

Medical Services
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Really great to have as back up at my receptionist job. The team is very receptive to work with and I appreciate all their help!
Home Inspector
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They have excellent service.
Elva Ward
Read More
"We use Select for our business, they have been accurate and professional and we are happy with the service."
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I am EXTREMELY happy with the service! I was very impressed with the transition from my old TAS. The level of customer service is way better than my last provider.
Security Company
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"It is so great having you guys watch this! I really appreciate it."
Industrial Company
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These (account) instructions are perfect and I appreciate the clarity. Thanks always for your quick responses and all the work you do for us.
Client's Customer
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Can I just say, I speak to a lot of customer service reps, and YOU are phenomenal! I just want you to know that.
Property Management
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Our whole team apprecitaes the changes you've made to clarify urgent and non-urgent issues. They've been telling me they are getting way more sleep, and they've been very verbal about this to our management.
Property Management
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It has been great having you back me up! I can now enjoy dinner with a friend without having to pick up my phone.
IT Services
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We are exceptionally happy with the service we are getting from Select. The operators sound helpful, energetic, and my customers are always happy with the service they receive.
Property Management
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Everything you do is awesome! I love the quick responses I get from Danielle when I need to change something, or have something that needs looking into.
Property Management
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I just ran an emergency test on the line and it went perfect. Thanks. Now I can go on my vacation!
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I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Danielle. They are both super responsive, very considerate, and easy to deal with. I know how tricky our requirements are and they've dealt with them with grace.

Luxury Services - Call Centre Integration Case Study

Motivation for Improving Communication

A local spa was looking for a way to improve their customer experience in a competitive landscape. They realized their phones were often ringing, and it was having a negative impact on the ambiance they were seeking to create. The system they had in place required each individual practitioner to deal with their individual clients resulting in a frustrating experience for customers who had to wait to get responses if their practitioner was busy with a client.

Reaching Out

After contacting us, we explored ways to manage these calls more effectively. We sat down with the entire group of practitioners to identify what the key aspects of their calls were, and how they could be handled by our team in a timely manner. Then we explored ways to divide the account investment between each member of the group. The estimated cost for each member came to less per month than they gained from a single appointment. 

Integrating the Answering Service

We built a system that allowed us to quickly identify what service or what practitioner the caller was looking for. Then we worked with each individual to customize how we should respond to each question. Using an online scheduler, we were able to take callers from inquiry to sold on a single call. We also implemented their existing customer database which made the initial implementation nearly seamless for their loyal customers.

A Better Way of Communicating

With the service in place for more than a year, the spa has seen improvements across the board. Customers have commented on how smoothly run their booking system is, and there is a major improvement in the atmosphere and ambiance of the spa itself. Although we are not shown their specific numbers, they have told us the return on investment has been excellent.

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