IT Help Desk Telephone Answering Service

We're a professional, 24/7 point of contact. Your callers get an immediate response and a great customer service experience.

We can also serve as a "safety net" for when your team is busy on other calls. We know the best practices for IT Help Desk answering services and we are always ready to share our knowledge and apply our skills to help you and your business.

Our Customer Service Agents Will Add Value to Your IT Help Desk Support Business

Enjoy a quick video explaining the services we can provide to your IT Managed Services business,  IT help desk, or any other IT related tasks. We have a full suite of services that will enable your business to run more smoothly while improving your quality of life as a manager.

Telephone Answering Challenges IT Support Providers Face and the Solutions We Provide

When servers go down, calls go up.

Our Solution: We have a large team of staff on the phone at all times. We operate a fluid workforce, so when traffic spikes, we have even more support ready to jump in. For issues that affect all customers, we set up a recording letting them know the problem's being fixed.

Your customers always get a quick resolution, or at least a live contact. When you're competing on customer service, we're your secret weapon.

Our engineers waste time on simple tech support issues.

Our Solution: Our agents are able to perform level 1 tech support and basic troubleshooting tasks. Your team can spend their time on engaging, challenging work, and we will make sure the routine work is taken care of as it arises, without disturbing your team unnecessarily.

You will have a team ready to answer calls any time, giving you the freedom to scale up or down. A variable pricing model also means you're paying for what you get.

Our on-call can't always be ready to answer a call properly.

Our Solution: Our staff are always in an ideal environment to answer a call. There is no need to worry about background noise, poor reception, or wind. Better yet, your on-call only has to deal with relevant calls and he/she receives information in the best format possible.

Not only will your customers appreciate the quality, your on-calls' lives will improve too. Not having to deal with random calls at all hours is a luxury you can afford.

We can't predict staffing levels to manage the call volume.

Our Solution: A team of supplemental phone staff that come in whenever your call threshold is passed. We have fifty agents on our team, and they are all trained and ready to answer your customer calls at any time, especially when your team can't reach them in time.

Avoid the headaches of staffing, the problem of idle hands in the office, and the madness of a call queue with 10 people on hold as you're helping someone unplug and re-plug something.

Client Testimonials

Medical Services
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Really great to have as back up at my receptionist job. The team is very receptive to work with and I appreciate all their help!
Home Inspector
Read More
They have excellent service.
Elva Ward
Read More
"We use Select for our business, they have been accurate and professional and we are happy with the service."
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I am EXTREMELY happy with the service! I was very impressed with the transition from my old TAS. The level of customer service is way better than my last provider.
Security Company
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"It is so great having you guys watch this! I really appreciate it."
Industrial Company
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These (account) instructions are perfect and I appreciate the clarity. Thanks always for your quick responses and all the work you do for us.
Client's Customer
Read More
Can I just say, I speak to a lot of customer service reps, and YOU are phenomenal! I just want you to know that.
Property Management
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Our whole team apprecitaes the changes you've made to clarify urgent and non-urgent issues. They've been telling me they are getting way more sleep, and they've been very verbal about this to our management.
Property Management
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It has been great having you back me up! I can now enjoy dinner with a friend without having to pick up my phone.
IT Services
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We are exceptionally happy with the service we are getting from Select. The operators sound helpful, energetic, and my customers are always happy with the service they receive.
Property Management
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Everything you do is awesome! I love the quick responses I get from Danielle when I need to change something, or have something that needs looking into.
Property Management
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I just ran an emergency test on the line and it went perfect. Thanks. Now I can go on my vacation!
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I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Danielle. They are both super responsive, very considerate, and easy to deal with. I know how tricky our requirements are and they've dealt with them with grace.

IT Services Provider - Call Centre Integration Case Study

Motivation for Improving Communication

A smaller scale internet and cable television provider was looking for a way to compete with the giants of the industry. They had succeeded in acquiring a piece of the market, but the volume of help desk calls were beginning to pile up, resulting in ling wait times, and an erratic business management situation. On top of everything, a majority of their customers were from an older demographic and had trouble working with technology.

Reaching Out

When they reached out to us, they weren’t sure an answering service would be able to handle their needs. They came into our headquarters to brainstorm solutions to address their problems. Our experience operating communication towers in the past made the conversation flow smoothly and gave the customer peace of mind, knowing we had the knowledge and experience necessary.

Integrating the Answering Service

Working together, we came up with a colour-coding system to help simplify the tech support process. We integrated into their network monitoring systems and CRM, and we were able to set up announcements on the service line when broad outages took place and the calls flooded in. The process took two weeks to go live, and over the following month, small tweaks were made to make sure the customer experience was great and the whole system was running as efficiently as possible.

A Better Way of Communicating

It has been several years now, and our client has never looked back. They are able to position themselves in the market as a high quality customer service alternative to the bigger players. Their customers love that they can reach a live customer service agent within seconds of calling. Having our service in place has enabled them to scale the size of their business without fear of losing the customer service quality that they rely on for their market dominating position.

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