Industrial Services Telephone Answering Service

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for over 50 years

Our Customer Service Agents Will Add Value to Your Industrial Business

Enjoy a quick video explaining how we can add value to industrial services including oil and gas. We have custom solutions that will help you take customer service to the next level.

We know how to keep your industrial operations well oiled and running smooth.

"Our on-call employees receive too many calls, and often miss the important ones."

When time is of the essence with an alarm going off in the field, don't be overwhelmed by non-urgent calls. The Select team will help filter out calls to ensure that you only get notified when something urgent occurs so that you can continue doing the important work that you do.

Field staff will no longer be dangerously distracted by receiving too many calls while they need to be focused on the task at hand - instead they'll only receive the most urgent of calls or simple text messages informing them of updates.

"We need to be able to differentiate urgent alarms from non-urgents."

With Select Call, you'll only receive calls for the most urgent alerts if you set up your service with us that way. Receive text messages for lower priority alerts such as temperature warnings, and direct calls when there's an urgent risk to health such as a detected H2S leak.

"We need to know the ongoing call trends to know when to book more/less staff."

Select Call Centre offers some of the most in-depth reporting in the industry to ensure that calling trends aren't missed. Let us help you identify your most busy times so we can both be prepared for an increase in call volume. If you have a quiet season, we'll know that trend as well - ensuring that your slow periods cost you less on the bottom line.

"We don't have any spare time - what we need is quick answering and reporting."

With over 50 years supporting industrial services, Select knows how important your time is to keeping business operations running as a well oiled machine.

Get in touch with us to find out how quickly we can get you set up with an answering service that will save you time and money, and put you above the competition.

Client Testimonials

Medical Services
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Really great to have as back up at my receptionist job. The team is very receptive to work with and I appreciate all their help!
Home Inspector
Read More
They have excellent service.
Elva Ward
Read More
"We use Select for our business, they have been accurate and professional and we are happy with the service."
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I am EXTREMELY happy with the service! I was very impressed with the transition from my old TAS. The level of customer service is way better than my last provider.
Security Company
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"It is so great having you guys watch this! I really appreciate it."
Industrial Company
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These (account) instructions are perfect and I appreciate the clarity. Thanks always for your quick responses and all the work you do for us.
Client's Customer
Read More
Can I just say, I speak to a lot of customer service reps, and YOU are phenomenal! I just want you to know that.
Property Management
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Our whole team apprecitaes the changes you've made to clarify urgent and non-urgent issues. They've been telling me they are getting way more sleep, and they've been very verbal about this to our management.
Property Management
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It has been great having you back me up! I can now enjoy dinner with a friend without having to pick up my phone.
IT Services
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We are exceptionally happy with the service we are getting from Select. The operators sound helpful, energetic, and my customers are always happy with the service they receive.
Property Management
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Everything you do is awesome! I love the quick responses I get from Danielle when I need to change something, or have something that needs looking into.
Property Management
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I just ran an emergency test on the line and it went perfect. Thanks. Now I can go on my vacation!
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I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Danielle. They are both super responsive, very considerate, and easy to deal with. I know how tricky our requirements are and they've dealt with them with grace.

Industrial Service - Call Centre Integration Case Study

Motivation for Improving Communication

A disaster restoration company reached out to us after they hired a new person who had experienced our services in the past. They had a system where their workers took turns being on call. Unfortunately, this system was far from perfect as calls would be missed for various reasons, and as a result customers would be lost. They needed a more reliable solution.

Reaching Out

We set up an on-call list with a second and third backup on call person to make sure a call never slipped through. We also figured out typical response times to a site, and the details around how their service works. This enabled us to collect the necessary information from callers and make sure we are getting each call right.

Integrating the Answering Service

After being live for a couple weeks, we had uncovered a few questions that were not thought of during the initial set up. Apart from those few questions, everything else went very smoothly.

A Better Way of Communicating

Our client is very pleased with the service. Their on call people have made several comments about how they are now able to relax more. When a call comes in from us, they know it is an emergency while other calls do not have the high level of anxiety attached to them.

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