You've got callers.
We've got answers.

No matter your industry, being available is key. Staying connected can be expensive and time consuming.
That's where we come in.

With Select, you'll win more business and build a reputation for great customer service - all while freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business.

The Answer for Your Telephone Reception Needs

Reliable people dedicated to doing their jobs well every day. What more could you ask for? 

With Select, you get 50 years of Telephone Answering Service (TAS) industry experience. We guarantee accuracy, approach every task with the mindset to serve to the absolute best of our abilities, and we’re flexible and responsive to any account changes you might have over time. 

We set ourselves apart by focusing on you, the customer, and ensuring we provide what you need at every turn.

Fastest Telephone Answering Rates

95% of our calls are answered live within 3 rings. You’ll have the fastest answer times in your industry!

Telephone Answering Service Details Matter

Each call is a new challenge to create a WOW! The details matter, your callers matter, and we rise to the occasion!

Customized Telephone Answering Services

We build your service for your business. We integrate your systems and make sure we deliver on your needs!

24 Hour Telephone Answering Service

We’re the receptionist that is always working, never late or sick and always in service mode. Your callers will love the service they receive.

Experienced Telephone Answering Team

Our average agent has been working with us for 8 years. That level of experience is hard to come by. You’ll experience the difference.

Telephone Answering Services Make You Money

You want to save time and make money? That’s the value we provide. Your investment with us will bring consistent growth.

Sounding like a service that could help your business?
Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have!

Don't Take Our Word for It...

Medical Services
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Really great to have as back up at my receptionist job. The team is very receptive to work with and I appreciate all their help!
Home Inspector
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They have excellent service.
Oil & Gas
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"We use Select for our business, they have been accurate and professional and we are happy with the service."
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I am EXTREMELY happy with the service! I was very impressed with the transition from my old TAS. The level of customer service is way better than my last provider.
Security Company
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"It is so great having you guys watch this! I really appreciate it."
Industrial Company
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These (account) instructions are perfect and I appreciate the clarity. Thanks always for your quick responses and all the work you do for us.
Client's Customer
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Can I just say, I speak to a lot of customer service reps, and YOU are phenomenal! I just want you to know that.
Property Management
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Our whole team apprecitaes the changes you've made to clarify urgent and non-urgent issues. They've been telling me they are getting way more sleep, and they've been very verbal about this to our management.
Property Management
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It has been great having you back me up! I can now enjoy dinner with a friend without having to pick up my phone.
IT Services
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We are exceptionally happy with the service we are getting from Select. The operators sound helpful, energetic, and my customers are always happy with the service they receive.
Property Management
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Everything you do is awesome! I love the quick responses I get from Danielle when I need to change something, or have something that needs looking into.
Property Management
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I just ran an emergency test on the line and it went perfect. Thanks. Now I can go on my vacation!
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I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Danielle. They are both super responsive, very considerate, and easy to deal with. I know how tricky our requirements are and they've dealt with them with grace.

What are the Qualities of Your Select Receptionist?

When you hire Select Call Centre, you’re hiring a team of people. However, for you and your callers, it will seem as if there is really one extremely talented receptionist working for you. If you wish to know more about who it is that you’re hiring, click on her and learn more about how she is able to deliver industry leading quality service, year after year.

Setting Up Our Telephone Answering Service is Easy! Here's How It Works.

Going from realizing a better solution for answering your telephones to having a fully integrated answering service only takes a few days. Our process is thorough, creating a custom service to fit your business like a glove.

Guaranteed Quality Telephone Answering Services

A Guarantee of Excellence

  1. We GUARANTEE you get every important message
  2. We GUARANTEE you will not be disrupted by unnecessary calls
  3. We GUARANTEE we will make any small changes you need within 1 business day


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